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Show Results 2011

London Champs 2011

Topaz 1st LH Self, 1st LH BR, 1st LH GC, BIS LH                                                Acacia 1st SH AOC female, 2nd GC, RBIS SH                                                   Absinthe 1st SH AOC male, 1st YS SH, 3rd SH GC, 2nd SH BR                              Prince Caspian 1st LH Cream,                                                                           Bailey's 1st LH AOC male, 1st LH YS, 2nd LH BR, 2nd LH GC, RBIS LH                 
Aurelia 1st LH AOC female                                                                                   Wild Cherry 1st LH Satin                                                                                Sheridan 1st SH Rex                                                                                       Crawford 1st SH Non Standard                                                                                  
Hazel 2nd SH AOC female                                                                             Hufflepuff 2nd SH Pattern                                                                           Belladonna 2nd LH Self                                                                                   Muggle 2nd LH Pattern  
the Tropey's                                                         Topaz with her winnings


Real London Show

SAKURA 1st SH AOC female, 1st Breeder, 1st Grand Challenge, BIS and Best Overall     Hamster (cinnamon)                                                                                         ABSINTHE  1st SH AOC male (Honey)                                                            BREEZE  1stLH cream, 2nd YS, 3rd Breeder, 4th Grand Challenge (BEC)              BAILEYS 1st LH AOC male  (cinnamon)                                                                CRAWFORD 1st non standard (BEC mosaic)                                                          HUFFLEPUFF 2nd SH pattern (BEC Band)                                                             BELLA 2nd LH Self (Sable)                                                                                BRUISER 2nd LH AOC Male (Yellow)                                                                    FREYA 2nd LH Satin (BEC)                                                                                SHERIDAN 2nd Rex (Cinnamon)                                                                          ISHIN 2nd SH AOC male (Honey)

Sakura with her trophey's and rosettes         


Highworth Show 26/02/2011

 Carl's  Results

Double Dare 1st LH AOC female, BISJ    (Cinny)                                                     Philips 2nd LH Self (sable)                                                                                     Doc 3rd Rex (BEC)                                                                                          

Tuftyfluff Results (10 straight class wins)


Noddy 1st SH Golden, 1st YS, 2nd GC, RBIS                                                         Firefly 1st SH Satin (BEC)                                                                                     Bolt 1st LH Self (Sable)                                                                                    Romeo 1st LH AOC male (Golden)                                                                       Muggle 1st LH Patterned (BEC Band)                                                                   Samurai 1st Rex (SH Cinny)                                                                                Rex  1st Non Standard (UM Golden rex)                                                            

Trouble 2nd LH AOC Female (Cinny)                                                                    Snow White 2nd Rex (Satin FEW)                                                                      

Hufflepuff 3rd SH Patterned (BEC Band)                                                               Topaz 3rd LH Self (sable)                                                                                  Lantana 3rd LH Satin (BEC)                                                                              

Rumple 4th Rex (BEC)      


Pearl 1st AOC/Self Campbell, 1st YS, 2nd Breeder, 2GC, RBIS                                  Harold 1st normal Campbell                                                                                Opal 2nd AOC/Self Campbell                                                                                  HH 2nd normal Campbell                                                                                   Nibbler 2nd Mottled Campbell

The Trophy's



Bradford Champ Show  29/01/2011

Carl's results

Double Dare 77 1/2pnts, 2nd LH cinny, 1st BISJ LH, Best overall junior hamster       Doc 77 pnts, 2nd LH Rex (BEC)                                                                          Forbes 51pnts, 2nd LH non standard (umbrous silver grey)                                      Bee 72pnts, 3rd SH AOC (honey)                                                                        Milton 77 1/2pnts, 4th LH cream (BEC)                                                                Rain 74 1/2pnts, 4th LH satin (BEC roan)                                                             April 74pnts, 4th LH Rex (cinny)

Tuftyfluff results

Trouble 80pnts, 1st LH Cinnamon, 1st GC, 1st Breeder, BIS LH, BIS syrian hamster      Lantana 79 1/2pnts, 1st LH satin, 2nd GC, RBIS LH   (BEC)                                      Noddy 72pnts, 1st SH golden                                                                            Sakura 73 1/2pnts, 1st SH Cinnamon   (Troubles daughter)                                      Romeo 75 1/2pnts, 1st LH Golden                                                                       Andalucia 75 1/2pnts, 1st LH AOC, (rust)                                                             Shingle 77 1/2pnts, 1st LH self  (sable)                                                                Muggle 74, 1st LH Pattern   (BEC banded)                                                            Topaz 75 1/2pnts, 2nd LH self  (sable)                                                               Tekeshi 72pnts, 2nd SH Cinnamon        (Sakura's brother)                                     Egg 71 1/2pnts, 2nd SH Self (mink)                                                                    Crawford 3 1/2pnts, 2nd SH non standard (BEC mosaic)                                         Briar Rose 75 1/2pnts, 3rd LH Rex (satin sable)                                                     Firefly 71pnts, 3rd SH Satin (BEC)                                                                        Rex 53pnts, 3rd SH non standard (umbrous golden rex)                                         Samurai 69 1/2pnts, 4th SH Rex (Cinny and brother to Sakura & Tekeshi)

our winnings from the show, a fantastic result for the Tuftyfluff crew                                                                                                                                                                                          






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How the name Tuftyfluff came about

the first syrian hamsters we acquired were from Towyvale hamstrey. we bought them off the sales table at the Thame county show in April 2008 they are the little beauties who made us fall in love with species. the children named them Tufty and Fluffy, so it was only fair that we named our hamstrey after them:).

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