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!Tufty:  is a long haired yellow, he was born on 14th Feb 2008, he is so soft and loves nothing better than to come out for a cuddle.

Fluffy:  is a LH sable roan , he is extremely fluffy hence the name.

Sooty: LH sable, she was also the mother to our first litter, she is from Bourne valley hams and is now about 15 months old, she has had 5 class wins and been Reserve Best in show twice. she is now retired from the show bench as she is starting to go brown (sables tend to have a very short show life )

Honey: LH honey, she is from Tristar and what a little star she has been having won 9 class wins, 2 RBIS and 2 best in shows plus 5 junior BIS's

Percy: LH satin black eyed cream, he is a very laid back kind of ham and he also sports a fantastic skirt he has 3 class wins under his belt. he is also from Bourne valley and father to our 1st litter.

Bunny: LH BEC, she is our super star and was also bred by Bourne Valley, she has 6 BIS's, 4RBIS's, 13 class wins and 15 junior BIS's and 2 opposite sex wins. she weighs in at 267g and has had one litter of 6 from which we kept 4 babies.


 UK & Dutch Grand Champion Tuftyfluffs Peggy  (LH BEC) is the daughter of Bunny and followed in her mums footsteps gaining Grand Champion status in 2010 in the UK and Holland


 Tuftyfluffs Santa Fe  (SH golden) at 5 wks

 Champion Snow White (bred by Rachel Brown LH Satin FEW Rex) known on the show

circuit as the little lamb due to her very curly coat 

 The Twins  Tuftyfluffs Double Dare (left) & Trouble (LH Cinnamons) these were the stars

 of the Bradford champs 2011 pulling a double win placing 1st & 2nd in LH cinnamon, Trouble 1st GC, BIS LH, BIS Syrian, and Double Dare, BIS LH junior and best overall Junior hamster

 Tuftyfluffs Sirrius 12wks and winning SH Self at Bradford Champs 2010 (SH Sable) we currently have the top winning show line of sable


and Tuftyfluffs Wizzard 12wks and winning LH Self at Bradford Champs 2010 he was also RBIS LH syrian (LH Sable & Sirrius brother)

 Tuftyfluffs Andalucia 5wks (LH Rust)




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How the name Tuftyfluff came about

the first syrian hamsters we acquired were from Towyvale hamstrey. we bought them off the sales table at the Thame county show in April 2008 they are the little beauties who made us fall in love with species. the children named them Tufty and Fluffy, so it was only fair that we named our hamstrey after them:).

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