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Hello and welcome to Tuftyfluff Hamsters, my name is Sue and together with my 12year old son we breed and show Syrian, Dwarf Winter White's and Dwarf Campbell Hamsters. We are located in Borehamwood, Herts and our main aim is to breed healthy, happy and friendly hamsters, which are also to show standard so we can continue our lines, we are members of the Southern and Midland hamster clubs, on the committee for the Midland club and BHA/NHC registered hamster breeders, I am also due to start my Syrian judge training this year 2011. All our babies are handled from 14 days old (as soon as their eyes are open) and make wonderful pets, we sometimes have babies available for adoption and a minimum donation of £10 is asked for, this is put straight back into the Hamstery to help cover the costs of food, bedding etc we do not sell for profit.

we currently have 60+ Syrians and 40+ Dwarfs, and my son was junior exhibitor of the year  2008 & 2009 in both species.

We breed WW's in all 3 colours normal, pearl and sapphire, Campbells in normal, argente, albino and mottled and Syrians in a variety of colours,  in both long hair, short hair  and rex with either normal or satin coats.

we currently have here the top winning sable line in the country and have worked very hard to achieve this, our sables now have an increased showable life (sables tend to brown early in life usually before  6 months of age) most notable being Shreddie a SH sable bred here who gained her 1st certificate of merit at 13 months of age, I now  have the first  2 champion LH sables in the country and 1 of these has just been made up to Grand champion too.

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How the name Tuftyfluff came about

the first syrian hamsters we acquired were from Towyvale hamstrey. we bought them off the sales table at the Thame county show in April 2008 they are the little beauties who made us fall in love with species. the children named them Tufty and Fluffy, so it was only fair that we named our hamstrey after them:).

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